Our History


In 1961, this congregation was founded as “Christian Fellowship Church,” an independent congregation. Pastor Anthony Gould was the church’s first pastor, and the church building was built soon after. The church was led by seven different pastors between 1961 and 1997, and had generally been a small congregation.

In 1998, the church was down to about twelve or so people, and they prayed about whether or not they should simply close the church. Instead, they met with leaders from the WNY District of The Wesleyan Church, and “North Collins Wesleyan Church” was born. With the help of several Wesleyan churches from around WNY who provided financial assistance and manpower to help “restart” the church, the church began a remarkable turnaround.

Our church has grown steadily since 1998, and we have seen an increase in Sunday Worship attendance every year since 2004. North Collins Wesleyan is now one of the fastest-growing churches in Western New York, and among the 3-4% fastest-growing Wesleyan churches in North America. As a way of expressing our thanks to the Lord and to those churches who helped us in our time of need, we have supported church planting efforts in WNY for the last several years.

We have received Excellence in Ministry awards in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. Excellence in Ministry awards are given annually to a select group of Wesleyan who meet certain qualifications of faithfulness, fiscal responsibility and stewardship, and high benchmarks for church growth.